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About the Event

Who’s organising this event?
Brent Reeman is the main organiser.  Brent is a 40 Series enthusiast and has a strong interest in regional Queensland.  He is helped by his wife Rebecca Michael, daughter Ella Reeman and many others who give up their time to make the event happen. Brent’s brother Scott, Brother in law Rod and father George all assist on the drive, providing event support. Brent and his family are all paying participants as well.

What’s the minimum fundraising amount and why?
The minimum amount is $500.00.  The primary purpose of this event is to raise much needed funds for drought affected communities, the minimum fundraising amount is in place to ensure that each participant is committed to raising sufficient funds to make a difference.  Of course, this is only a minimum amount, participants can raise as much as they like.

Where does the money go?
100% of funds raised goes to support the registered charity Drought Angels.  There are no registration or administration fees applied.

If I’m not participating can I still donate?
Yes of course you can.  Simply click on the Donate Button and donate through the Facebook Fundraiser.


Can anyone participate?
The event is specifically targeted at 40 Series LandCruiser owners as these vehicles are synonymous with regional Queensland.

Can I just do one section of the trip?
While it would be great for everyone to complete the entire trip, participants can just complete one or more sections if that is all they are able to do.

My LandCruiser is pretty old and not in great condition, can I still participate?
Obviously, your vehicle needs to be registered and roadworthy, however the distances covered each day are no more than approximately 350 kms, and while there will be some light off road sections, most vehicles should be fine to complete the trip.

What if I break down or have an accident?
Whilst we will do our best to support any team that has a problem, participants are entering the event at their own risk and are responsible for their own vehicles and safety.

Do I need to pay for running costs and other expenses?
Yes you do, intention is to spend as much money as possible in the regions we visit and each participant is responsible for their own running costs and meals.  Camping facilities at each location are currently being sourced and expected to be either free or at a minimal cost. Most of our meals a catered by local community groups and all participants are asked to support these groups as a way of boosting the local economy.

What do I need to bring?
You will need to be largely self-sufficient with camping gear, spare parts and of course some cash to spend along the way.

Can I bring my dog?

Unfortunately we can’t allow dogs as we travel on private property and visit national parks.

Can I bring my camper trailer of caravan?

Thee vent doesn’t suit trailers or vans so we ask participants to bring tents, swags or rooftop campers. There are a couple of long term exceptions to rule in place for families that travel from interstate to participate but they are an exception and have been approved by the organisers.


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